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"Ramesh Kumar Kannan's music is mesmerizing as it follows the story from it's uncertain start to it's upsetting, lingering and unforgettably final finish"

-Jack Bottomley, UK Film Review -

"The music is painfully melancholic with it's notes swearing to tug at your

heartstrings. Ramesh Kumar Kannan captures the soul of the movie in his composition "

-Nimisha Menon, Indie Shorts Mag -


Ramesh Kumar Kannan is a multi award winning music composer based in Los Angeles, California, who is best known for his versatility as his music covers a wide variety of styles, instrumentation and genres.

Ramesh has ornately crafted scores for films and documentaries like Interpreters WantedNightingale: A Melody of Life, Hell's Half Acre, Dissonance, Diwa and Labyrinth and has conducted and orchestrated the soundtrack of movies such as Retaliation and Gacchaman. He has also composed and contributed music to close to 200 TV episodes on shows such as And Just Like That (HBO Max), Gordon, Gino & Fred's Road Trip (ITV), The Great American Recipe (PBS)Chrisley Knows Best (USA Network) and Growing Up Chrisley (USA Network). Furthermore, an Alumni of the USC Screen Scoring Program, he has his name attached to a great list of other award winning films, documentaries, television shows and video games as composer and in various other capacities in the music department.


Ramesh also composes music for the stage that has been and is being performed in many parts of the world. He has had the distinguished honor of being contracted to create an original arrangement of the national anthem of the United States of America that was performed at two NBA game events by violin virtuoso Caroline Campbell and at an MLB game event by violinist Rose Crelli.  Ramesh also produces records and continues to collaborate with some of the finest talents around the world. 


His soundtracks have earned special mentions and recognition in film festivals globally and have won and been nominated for several awards including the Global Music Awards, the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival and the FMF Young Talent Award at the prestigious Krakow Film Music Festival. 

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